Is it sad to name the things I own? I always like giving names to objects or cuddly toys cause it makes them more real in my opinion. When I stay with my boyfriend I always meet this friendly cat that lives down the road. I don’t know her name so I just call her Jessie cat cause that’s what she looks like. She has a number on her collar and I often think about texting her owner and asking what her name is but I think that’s a little too crazy…

Anyway, to the point of this entry. Toshi is my new and beloved laptop. He’s a Toshiba one and my boyfriend, knowing me so well, asked me what I was going to name him but I couldn’t think of anything so he suggested Toshi and here we are!

I bought him at a car boot sale of all places (The laptop not my boyfriend). For anyone who may not know what a car boot sale is, it’s basically where people sell things from their cars. I know it may sound a tad dodgy. My mum personally thought I was mad when I told her I bought Toshi from there. “What if it’s stolen?” She asked. And yeah, that did cross my mind but that’s the risk you have to take with these things. My main worry was that I bought him and he wasn’t going to work very well and I’d have to fix him up a bit but he works a treat. The only thing I need for him now is STICKERS! Every laptop needs an array of quirky fun stickers. Maybe that’s just me but hey!

It’s great having him now because I can watch Game of Thrones (I’m only on season 4, I was very late to this particular party) and obviously write about what a weird person I am because I’m talking about my computer as if he’s an actual person. Also, having the freedom to write about things on actual keyboard is the greatest feeling ever! I don’t even know if anyone reads what I write but I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing about it.

I think me and Toshi are off for a sleep now (I seriously need to stop) but we’ll be back with more silly words. My head is absolutely buzzing with ideas of what to write about but I’m trying to keep to one post a day… if my fingers will let me.

Much love and have fun 🙂 x