Do you miss me?

Do you miss the way we kissed?

Do you miss all the times we spent laughing?

Do you miss the pinky promise we’d do? Not for actual promises but just as a sign of affection  as we sat next to each other.

Do you miss our cuddles as soon as we got into bed?

Do you miss saying something in another room and hearing my wee voice reply?

Do you miss me calling you Boo and Bunny?

Do you miss making a joint and being able to pass it to me as we watched TV?

Do you miss me singing along to the radio while making food in the kitchen?

Do you miss me saying ‘I love you’ after we’ve had sex?

Do you miss my reactions to a new TV show you told me about?

Do you miss coming home after work and talking to me on the phone before bed?

Do you miss us playing video games and being impressed by how good I actually was?

Do you miss the comedy blanket?

Do you miss our private jokes?

Do you miss the way I’d gently stroke your chest hair after making love?

Do you miss calling me Bee?

Do you miss my reactions to seeing cute animals?

Do you miss us?


Or was all that blocked out of your head by my insecurities?

I trusted you 100%. I just didn’t like myself very much and I projected that onto you by commenting on other girls looking at you. Because I thought you’d want to be with someone confident. And as your behaviour changed towards me I became more anxious of what was going on. I prayed that you were cheating on me just so I could say that I was right. I didn’t want to accept the fact that you changed because of my self esteem issues.

I still love you.

Do you still love me?